Dr. Gene Landrum is a high-tech start-up executive turned educator and writer.  As a businessman he originated the Chuck E. Cheese concept of family entertainment among other entrepreneurial ventures.  After many years of interacting with creative and overachieving personalities he began writing about what made the great tick.  His doctoral work The Innovator Personality has led to many books on the mental and emotional side of success. Gene has been the keynote speaker to over 1000 groups including the U.S. Capital in 1998. The Innovative personality is his area of expertise and the basis of his weekly radio show in SW, Florida. One creative genius in North Carolina wrote, “Dr. Landrum, I do sculptures on geniuses. You have been my inspiration from your first book, Profiles of Genius. Last night I stayed up all night reading The Superman Syndrome. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being my inspiration. My family thought I was weird but you have validated my life’s calling.” – Robert Toth, April 10, 2008

Dr. Gene’s Most Recent Titles:

Cover Your Assets & Become Your Own Liability (2010)
The Innovative Mind: Stop Thinking, Start Being
Paranoia & Power: The Fear & Fame of Entertainment Icons
Empowerment: The Competitive Edge in Sports, Business & Life
The Superman Syndrome – You become What you Believe
Entrepreneurial Genius – The Power of Passion
Eight Keys to Greatness – How to Unlock your hidden Potential


Dr. Gene’s Book Testimonials from Random Readers Around the World 

“You are the greatest, head and shoulders above any writer I have ever read on what makes the great tick. I love Empowerment on sports geniuses and Paranoia & Power on entertainment icons. Thanks for your body of work, knowledge and expertise. It has proven as a great inspiration for me personally.” – Rocke Sybyrg, Hollywood comic (Feb. 3, 2008) 

“Thanks. I am a more complete individual after reading our Superman Syndrome book. Thanks for laying things out so clearly for me, the unknown in me. I am forever grateful” – Luz Ivette, Oak Park, IL Dec. 6, 2007 

“I’ve read both your Profiles of Genius and Female Genius books and I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring those books have been. I emulate what you’ve written and only hope to get as close as I can to the eternal goal of striving. Thanks again.” Evelyn Barahona, Bishopagate, London – July 25, 2007 

“Eight Keys to Greatness is one of the most unique books which tells facts as they are rather than sugar coating it like in other self-help books.” – Maharmana Sudeept, Bangalore, India (Sept 22, 2006) 

“God, how I love this book! (Blair Warren, TX producer – Dec. 23, 2005 on The Superman Syndrome) 

“Your philosophy and observations are having a great impact in my mindset – haven’t been this excited about personal development works since Napoleon’s ‘Law of Success’ – Ben Houldsworth, London, England, May 10, 2005 

“I am also a writer on creativity and peace in the world.  I am so intrigued with Literary Genius, the writers and their creative processes. You left one creative genius out of your book – YOU” Deb Ellison, 5-1-05, Atlanta, GA 

“Eight Keys to Greatness is the most inspiring book I ever read.  It has made quantum change in my attitude towards my work and personal life.  Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.” (Suresh Lakshman, Mumbai City , India – April 20, 2005) 

“Thank you so much for the profound book, “8 Keys to Greatness.”  I refer to it on a daily basis and have probably read it over twenty times.  There is not another book that so accurately depicts the necessary traits needed to fulfill one’s potential.” (Brad Newman, The Healing Hand, Santa Monica, CA Dec. 8, 2004) 

 “Nobody, and I mean nobody, delivers the goods like you do. You are the authority on what truly sets powerful people apart from the mediocre masses. Your books are among the most honest, compelling and useful that I have ever read.  Thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of us”” (e-mail April 27, 2005, Blair Warren, Texas 

“Your writing style is very captivating and holds my short attention span.  Eight Keys is one of the best books I have ever read” J.F. Justin Jordan Publishing 

“Mr. Landrum, I am an executive in Silicon Valley and I agree with every point you made in Eight Keys to Greatness.  It was informative and inspirational” Dec. 12, 2000 John Trapani, Walnut Creek, CA 

“I have read seven of your eight books and let me say they are GENIUS!  I’ve read hundreds of books touting the secrets of success and they all pale in comparison to your riveting works.  By far the best books I have ever read of any kind.  They have transformed my life.”  March 22, 2001 e-mail Edward Fays 

“I have seven of your books.  They are an inspiration to me sine I am able to relate and emulate the behaviors and traits of the successful. Thank you for being a tremendous influence on my life” March 2002 musician and entrepreneur Joseph Schultz 

“I just finished your book Literary Genius and Eight Keys to Greatness and thought they were marvelous” Former College President Bill O’Hara, Providence, RI 

“Eight Keys to Greatness is one of the best books I have ever read.  It has put balance in a new perspective for me. After retiring at 35 I wound up bankrupt at 41, but your book has shown me that, ‘one can rise from the depths of their bottom to seek new higher levels in life” e-mail form Frank Myers, Feb. 27, 2000 

“I want to thank you for Eight Keys to Greatness.  I have never before felt so liberated, so explained, so perfectly normal in my abnormality…I want to thank you for the way it made me feel.” Microsoft PhD John Eigenauer 2001 

“You are such an inspiration. I worked in a bookstore was down and out in between jobs then I found your book on Female Genius.  It led to my present radio talk show job.” (Lukaworld, March 09, 2004, Minneapolis, MN) 

“Thank you again for your books. They have had a profound affect on me” -M. Pierce, Toronto, Canada 7-15-02

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