The Psychology of Empowerment

An insightful exploration into what makes superstars and eminent overachievers tick in all walks of life including sports, business and life. The two-disk set puts into audio what the book puts into words. Landrum discusses the vagaries of the heart and the head in peak performance. He finds that skill is but 20 percent of most endeavors with the head another 20 percent leaving 60 percent to the heart and soul. He cites these underlying behaviors as key to what makes people special. To be special, he says, you must:  

Be Different like a Jim Thorpe (voted Best All-around athlete in 20th century)
Be Willing to Fail like a Babe Ruth (voted Baseball’s Best in 20th century) 
Be Passionate like a Babe Didrikson Zaharias (voted Best  Female athlete)
Be able to use Breakdown to Breakthrough like Wilma Rudolph (track & field) 
Be Instinctively Focused like Pelé (Soccer’s all-time superstar)
Be Confident like Muhammad Ali (boxing)
Be able to take Make ‘em Play Your Game like Martina Navratilova (tennis)
Be able to Visualize Winning like Greg Louganis (diving maestro)
Be Intuitive like Wayne Gretzky (hockey’s #99)
Be a Competitive Zealot like Michael Jordan (basketball)
Be Intensely Driven like Jeff Gordon (NASCAR)
Be Tenacious like Lance Armstrong (cycling’s golden boy)
Be able to Go Into the Zone like Tiger Woods (golf)

"If you don’t know you Can, You Can’t; if you don’t know you Can’t, You Can!"
 - From the CD audio track.


The Psychology of Empowerment (2CD SET) - $19.95

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