The Competitive Edge in Sports, Business & Life

“Empowerment is the mother lode of success literature. 
If you have yet to discover Landrum’s work, oh,
how I envy you!  You’re in for one hell of a ride”
- Blair Warren, Texas TV Producer

~ Is your Self-Efficacy equivalent to Muhammad Ali?
~ Can you Visualize like Wayne Gretzky and Greg Louganis?
~ Are you as Competitive as Michael Jordan?
~ Do you possess the Risk-Taking Propensity of a Babe Ruth?
~ Are you willing to be the iconoclast like Jim Thorpe
20th century’s #1 athlete?

~ Have you been to the Bottom like
Lance Armstrong and Wilma Rudolph?

~ Are you an Internal Locus of Control type like Martina Navratilova?
~ Do you have the Passionate Drive of a Babe Zaharias?
~ Is there a Mystical Sense of Destiny in you like Tiger Woods?

 Business & Life is more Surreal than Real!

“Fascinating! A mind-expanding, heart pumping, information-rich joy to read. It inspires you to do the impossible. I love it!”
–Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor
“Empowerment is the mother lode of success literature. Landrum dissects the lives of the greatest athletes of all time and shows everyone, from athletes to entrepreneurs, exactly what it takes to develop a competitive spirit that cannot be defeated or denied. If you have yet to discover Landrum’s work, oh, how I envy you! You’re in for one hell of a ride.”  – Blair Warren, Television Producer
“Insightful, intelligent, informative and entertaining…like a good mentor. Gene Landrum’s Empowerment succinctly demonstrates that you cannot shrink to greatness! One of the most utilitarian business books that I have ever read proving that the difference between success and failure is energy.”
– Bernard E. DeOre, President - Elevation Group of Companies

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