Innovative Minds are Malleable;
they become more Innovative via processes.
To Change Your Life - Stop being what you are by becoming what you desire to be!

ØInnovators go where the pack fears; xenophobia is never a factor.

ØInnovators think in Reverse, for them the end is the beginning.

ØInnovators create by destroying; for them the new trumps the known.

ØInnovators passionately pursue knowledge;
they’re accidentally sagacious.

ØInnovators are Zen Masters on a Trek to Shangri La.

ØInnovators are Beach Bums; escaping the Real via treks to the Surreal.

ØInnovators are Irrational, Illogical & Irreverent –
antithetic to old dogmas.

All Truth is False with More Awareness!
The Innovative Mind Message
Are you willing to creatively destroy what you are?
Learn what makes you tick.
Introspection is transformational.
What Makes You is what Can Break You.
Methods to tap into your Behavioral Dialectic.
Focused Ferocity as a Fuel for Innovative Eminence.
 Can-Con to Icon status or prepare for a life of mediocrity.
Get Goofy to Get Creative –
Losing Your Mind to Make Sense.
Zen-Zones are the Secret of
Positive Empowerment & Enlightenment.

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