The Superman Syndrome:
You Become What You Think

Supermen have Insatiable Psychic Energy
They are intrepid optimists with a penchant for being different (iconoclasts all), passionate, charismatic and intuitive.

Kinesthetic Karma – the Forte of Supermen

~ Supermen are less inhibited than the norm – risk their forte.
~ Supermen are optimistic to a fault.
~ Supermen begin with answers and then make them happen.
~  Supermen tend to have an iconoclastic nature – rebels all.
~ Supermen are energy incarnate with supercharged libidos.
~ Supermen are willing to lose in order to win.
~ Supermen have charisma to burn.

What is a Superman Syndrome?
When the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual meld into one surreal. state of omnipotent behavior – Your Kryptonite is in your mind!

How to Tap into Your Superman Syndrome

~ Find a magical hero to emulate.
~ Escape convention into make-believe land.
~ Suspend traditional belief by daring to be different.
~ Permit yourself to be special and yeah, you’ll be special.
~ Enter that ethereal land and parlay it into your own reality.

Empowerment & Entering the Zone

It is when the mind, body, emotions & soul are in synch
Transcendence into the Mythical State known as the Zone

Internal Locus of Control – Your destiny is mired in the mind.
ØBelieve (Self-Efficacy) You are Destiny act as if god is within.
ØRemove Inhibition to make a difference you must be different.
ØEthereal Focus – leads to Surreal Success – leave logic behind.
ØRelaxed Intensity - chase ideologies never shots or external goals.
ØThe Surreal demands being UnReal – leave logic in locker-room.
ØThe Gut is Master – play above and ahead of the action T.

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