Sybaritic Genius
Sex Drive & Success

Passion Performance & The Creative Process

  Power emanates from a driven personality!

The Sybarities were from Southern Italy where hedonism reigned supreme. Landrum's new book is about those who allow passion to dominate their lives but who found ultimate peace in the process. Landrum talks about “Getting excited or getting out." Even if digging a ditch Landrum says, "Dig it with fervor and you will not be digging a ditch, you will be instructing others." He elevates passion to a preeminent position in all things, and says that living without it is akin to having wine without cheese. For him passion is responsible for Productivity, Persistence, Persuasion, Possibilities, and ultimately Peace. But with many passionate people Philandering becomes an additional factor in their life. He draws on the research of Napoleon Hill who proclaimed, "Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses." He also quotes Freud who said, "Unsatisfied libido is responsible for producing all art and literature." For Landrum passion is not an emotion or romance but an inner will and drive that separates the winners from the losers. To validate his thesis he looks into the lives and loves of fourteen creative visionaries -- men like psychotherapist Carl Jung, Nobel Prize winners Bertrand Russell and Albert Camus, entertainers Charlie Chaplin, Isadora Duncan, Colette, and Madonna, inventor Bucky Fuller, artist Hughes and Larry Ellison, and President John F. Kennedy. Passion fueled their trek to the top. With it they became rich and famous. Without it they would have been lost in the muddle of mediocrity.

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